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Sex lessons from promiscuous mums

What messages do promiscuous women give their daughters about sex? Well, a thread on Reddit and a piece on Jezebel examined that very issue, and as a mother of two daughters I found it to be fascinating.

Gov. Deval Patrick shakes up Sex Offender Registry Board

Gov. Deval Patrick ousted two top leaders at the Sex Offender Registry Board yesterday, but administration officials remained tight-lipped about the reasons for the unexpected shake-up. The agency’s executive director, Jeanne L. Holmes, was placed on administrative leave and board Chairwoman Saundra Edwards was let go.

Homeless shelters, police keep tabs on homeless sex offenders

Tracking sex offenders can be a tough job but it's even harder when those offenders are homeless. The case of 22-year-old David Flores is a prime example of what police are up against. Click here to see Flores' affidavit. Flores was sentenced to 4 years for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. When he was released from jail, Flores listed Haven for Hope as his address. When Flores failed to …

Can Dating Apps Solve Japan's Sex Crisis?

Japan has a sex problem, and digital dating could help fix it. So why are single people there so reluctant to dive in? Onuki was 15 when he had his first experience with online dating, getting together with a girl who he'd met on a gaming site. He was shy. She, it turned out, was not. "She actually messaged me first," says the software engineer, who's now 23 and working at a web startup in Tokyo …

The tricky business of policing sex in public

Police are taking a new approach to the policing of outdoor sex – for both straight and gay people.

Same-sex marriages on hold in Indiana, Wisconsin

A federal appeals court in Chicago said today its recent ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in Indiana cannot be enforced until the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to weigh in on the hot-button issue.

Convicted sex offender caught inside Clarke Central High School

Authorities arrested a convicted sex offender on Wednesday after he was found inside Clarke Central High School allegedly begging for money. Kevin Level Smith, 25, entered through the rear entrance of the school's cafeteria at about 9:30 a.m.

Sex abuse inquiry into Hillsong 'father'

Child sex abuse allegations against the 'father of Sydney's Pentecostal churches' will be examined.

Sex and rape: It's time the law is set down with clarity

Bangalore, Sep 18 : Men of India be warned, if you have sex with a woman be prepared to marry her, else you risk being criminally prosecuted for rape. Last week, a Dutch national was arrested by the Bangalore police on rape charges.

Sex questions answered

Of all the questions we get sent here at FoxNewsHealth.com, sex questions top the list. Here are a few we’ve received recently.